Thursday, December 14, 2017

Divine Expression

The Unlimited Divine
is expressed
in creation,
as limited as it is.

But we, ourselves,
are not merely instances
of limited beings on the periphery
of Divine self-expression.

In our True Self,
our deepest roots,
we are united with
Infinite Being
which tends to BE
in every possible way.
We are not merely the expressed,
but indeed
one with the Expressor.

The most familiar things and actions
are filled with
Divine Presence;
Everything is marvelous,
God’s doing.

Nothing is ordinary or banal
or trivial or unworthy,
or secular;
Everything is Sacred,
and a personal expression
of a Loving Parent,
Artist Divine.

Wholly Communion

I now realize
it is not sufficient
to be interested in Jesus
only for what He can do for me,
or to simply subscribe to a religion about Him
or even to make Him an object of worship,
which he never suggested.

From Jesus’ point of view
that would be totally unsatisfactory,
as His call was to
emulate, not worship Him.

I now realize
I must constantly
Question Jesus,
constantly questioning myself,
critiquing, testing, learning, creating,
learning that the more I understand,
the more I will not be mislead
by the maxims by which we were brought up,
many of which
do not exemplify Jesus’ life and teachings
at all.

I now realize
I must have the courage
to adhere to Him,
not to tradition, doctrine, dogma,
not to convention,
not to the concept of biblical inerrancy.

I now realize
that my spiritual journey
involves repeated trips
out on numerous and various limbs
and that these trips
do not cause me to disappear
into some amorphous sea of generalized Being,
nor do they prevent me from being
totally united with all of creation
and the Creator.

I now realize
I am already united with all others
and the Creator
on a level so deep,
I am not yet fully conscious of it
praying for
Thy Kingdom Come,
Thy Will Be Done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven
All are One
A Wholly Communion.

Monday, December 11, 2017



giving my time, attention, emotional response,
intelligence, creativity, and activity
to an other.

nourishing and teaching.

giving me,
not simply what I have.

giving what cannot be separate from me,
being fully present for
an other.

giving the whole of myself,
being whole,

giving my whole heart,
my whole soul,
my whole mind,
my whole might.

giving my whole self.

must be free,
not the result or consequence of something,
not determined,
not necessitated,
not done under compulsion,
not even done for
good and sufficient reason.