Saturday, July 7, 2018


Why marry at all?
Is marriage outdated?
Does it serve some deep human need or purpose?
Does marriage have a Sacred function or meaning?
Can marriage
serve Love’s longing
for greater awareness, growth, truth?

Two people
joining their lives in marriage
are, in fact, engaging in a Sacred activity
because they are creating a cosmos in miniature,
where all the different sides of themselves,
personal and interpersonal
can be included.

Taking a marriage vow
creates a formal bond
establishing their relationship
as Sacred,
where all the elements of life
can interact
and find expression.

as a sacred microcosm,
invites in all of our chaos,
enabling us to draw upon
all our turbulent energies
as fuel for life’s journey.

Through marriage,
each person
honors the other’s wisdom and strength,
surrendering when the occasion calls for it.

Marriage is more than just some
worldly arrangement,
It is
a Sacred Path.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


does not descend
from something on high,
a deity
or heavenly paradise
existing up above somewhere.

is not something
added onto my life
through my special activities
or beliefs.

I do not have to
get religion
or be born again
to discover it.

Life itself
has its own natural
which seems to shine most brightly
when I get
out of the way.

In those moments
when I can step outside
the struggle between my self and other
and simply open myself to
what is,
I perceive
the natural sacred order
of earth, sky, life, death, mind, body, and heart
behind all the seeming chaos of the world.

When my windows of perception
are cleansed,
I appreciate the magnificence
of the whole play of reality
in which my self and other
are but provisional shifting
points of view.

My very existence is Sacred.

Monday, July 2, 2018

What a Church!

What a Church it would be
if it were as
as Jesus!

What a Church it would be
if it treated women and men as equals,
if it welcomed LGBT’s as God’s children,
if it fully accepted the divorced and remarried,
if it offered Communion
(in the true sense of the word)
to people of all races and religions,
if it Listened with Compassion
to the plights of people of All ages,
responding not with legalisms,
but with Love and Compassion.

What a Church it would be
if being Pro-Life
did not just mean being pro-birth
but valuing all of life,
including any and all abused by church.

What a Church it would be
if instead of trying to apply some set of rules and regulations,
doctrines and dogmas
to every situation,
it brought Love and Compassion
into every situation,
as did Jesus.

What a Church it could be!