Monday, September 17, 2018

Sacred Reality

I used to think
Symbols gave physical reality
Poetic meaning.

I am now learning
that the physical world
has no reality
except as Symbol.

Symbol is no longer
the subjective creation
of my poetic fancy,
the only objectively valid definition
of reality.

Symbolic Vision
is the ability to apprehend
within objects I can sense
the invisible reality
of the intelligible
that lays beyond them.

My sense of the Sacred
is an innate consciousness
of the Presence of God,
feeling this Presence
in all things.

The reality of things
is independent of my perception of them,
with symbols revealing
their higher order of reality
through which
I am led to the higher realm,
the Divine.

I am now beginning to learn
to see God
in all of

The Physical World
is simply a reflection,
a shadow,
a manifestation,
a symbol,
if what lays behind it,
The Divine.

Everything is Sacred.

True Peace

True Peace
is attainable
when one realizes
a Relationship,
a Oneness,
with Creation;
when one realizes
that at the center of the universe
dwells the Holy Spirit,
resident everywhere,
even within each of us.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


I have long fought
the use of clichés by people
trying to comfort friends or family
in grief.

such as
God only gives you as much Grief as you can handle
Your loved-one is in a better place
do little good
and often do harm.

I persist in my attempt
to stop clichés in flight,
capture and anesthetize them,
splay their dull wings,
pin them to the specimen board,
and make them visible for all to see,
so that they may be revealed
for their true lack of benefit.

My intention is to make helpers
more aware of when they are using clichés
or when they think that they need to,
 for clichés are often used mindlessly,
given their viral proliferation.

An increased awareness of clichés
and the detriment that they typically represent
 should serve as a motive for helpers
to consider alternatives to them.

It takes only a little more time,
but considerably more effort,
to help others without using clichés
than it does to help mindlessly
reliant on them.

Effective helpers should heartfully examine
the requirements of what they really wish to express,
and the words available to do so.

Helping heartfully and mindfully
with words appropriate for each situation
can be developed to become a habit with some effort,
just as helping mindlessly with clichés
became a habit with no effort.

The Use of clichés
is more often than not, useless,
and very often harmful.