Sunday, January 29, 2017

Embracing Suffering

is not an onerous challenge 
or something to be avoided at any cost. 

We all need to learn to embrace suffering 
seeing that it occurs naturally 
and is integral to our spiritual growth. 

When we anticipate suffering with dread, 
we cloud our connection to ourselves 
and all of creation, 
and the Divine. 

With suffering
we could become locked in solitary, abject darkness, 
enduring a painful, heart-rending experience. 

When we consciously and intentionally welcome suffering, however, 
our eyes can be opened to a world of vibrant possibilities. 
Suffering presents opportunities to shed our egos 
and self-centered agendas. 

Once we have let go of our preconceived notions 
of who we ought to be, 
we can move more fully into an awareness and understanding 
of the profound and transforming effects
 of sharing love and peace. 

In the midst of suffering, 
we can recognize how entering into deep relationships with ourselves,
and God 
can provide an environment in which 
the gifts of suffering can be fully appreciated and embraced.

Peace, true peace, 
is only to be found through suffering, 
when we seek the light in darkness. 

If we believe that all is created by God, 
suffering has a divine origin 
and contains a divine spark. 

When we shift our perception 
of the origin and the essence of suffering, 
we become aware of the peace that is possible 
when we surrender to the Divine 
through which we receive the gift of suffering.

 Suffering can be recognized as a grace 
when we are sincere in our sufferings 
as in anything else. 

We must recognize at once our weakness and our pain, 
but we do not need to dwell in them.

Sincere and at peace, 
we may enter into the grace of God. 
Until we turn our wills to God, 
suffering leads nowhere, 
except to our own destruction.

 When we deepen our relationship to God 
and fully place our trust in the Divine, 
suffering can lead to the conscious development 
of our spiritual being. 
We choose to strengthen our spirit and weaken the ego.

The fire of suffering 
can help us express our contemplative nature,
the union of our mind and will with God 
in a supreme act of pure love 
that is at the same time the highest knowledge of God.

 We perfect our mind, 
and soul 
through suffering made transparent by the light of God. 

We don’t stop suffering as we grow closer to the Divine; 
our suffering becomes more poignant
by this deepening relationship with God.

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