Sunday, January 29, 2017

Out of My Mind

if I can be open and vulnerable, 
takes me down to the very depths of knowing, 
not informing my mind, 
but coursing through my whole body, 
if I can thrust aside 
what the world calls common sense, 
that popular knowing 
that prevents the emerging of the spiritual.

Unknowing needs 
that I be in a certain state, 
playful, open, aware, inwardly acquitted of opinion, 
not at all as a child,
but rather as a fool.

I cannot wipe mind clean of its knowing, 
as I would wash my face, 
for I need that knowing. 
It is an essential part of living, 
not to be despised. 

Only when my mind attempts to usurp 
the whole realm of consciousness, 
of which it is but a fragment, 
are the possibilities of discovering Unknowing 
overlaid and lost.

The world belongs to silence and stillness. 

itself being empty, 
can be approached only in moments of emptiness 
which the ego-mind mistakes for boredom 
and hastens to overcome that condition 
with ever more and more learning. 

To my ego
the phrase I do not know is one of self-reproach.

But for me,
intent on seeking the Unknown, 
 I do not know 
is the Open Sesame 
which costs nothing less than everything. 

So, I can drop from my busyness 
 into the stillness whence life springs, 
into the void within.

Only by such means can I come upon fullness, 
the fullness that my mind, 
with all its acumen, 
cannot even envisage. 

Thus, self offers itself to Self, 
and I know without knowing 
whatever is useful,
that there is manna in the wilderness.

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