Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Mysterious

The most beautiful and deepest experience  
one can have  
is to sense the mysterious.  

It is the underlying principle of all serious endeavors in life.  

One who never had this experience 
 seems to me to be, if not dead,  
then at least blind.  

Behind anything that can be experienced  
there is something that our mind cannot grasp 
 and whose beauty and sublimity  
reaches us only indirectly  
and as a feeble reflection.  

In this sense I am religious 
as to me it suffices to wonder at these secrets  
and to attempt humbly to grasp with my mind  
a mere image of the lofty structure  
of all that is there. 

The immense spaces of creation  
cannot be spanned by my finite powers. 
As small as is our whole system  
compared with the infinitude of creation,  
brief as is my life compared with cycles of time,  
we are so tethered to all,  
that not only the sparrow’s fall is felt to the outermost bound, 
 but the vibrations set in motion by the words that we utter 
 reach through all space  
and the tremor is felt through all time. 

Every human who can become sentient to  
and experience joy in creation and its beauty  
is made immune to any and every doubt about its meaning.  

Observing means looking with a possibility  
of knowing what I am looking at.  
It is an interested seeing,  
which is the prelude to a closer and more profound relationship  
between the subject and the object.  

Human observation implies the hope  
(implicit or explicit) 
 of knowing, possessing, capturing the object,  
namely grasping its link  
with the totality of things. 

Human beings are,  
at least so far,  
an extraordinary species,  
dominating the land, sea, and air  
of our native planet,  
and now, in at least a preliminary way,  
setting forth to other places.  

The secret of our success is surely our curiosity,  
our intelligence,  
our manipulative abilities, 
 and our passion for exploration 
 qualities that have been extracted painfully  
through billions of years of biological evolution.  

It is in the nature of mankind  
and the corollary of our success  
to ask questions,  
with the deeper the question,  
the more characteristically human the activity. 

There is some comfort  
in the thought that  
we will never know everything.  

It would be a very dull universe  
for any intelligent being  
if everything of importance was known.

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