Saturday, January 28, 2017


 is often an appurtenance 
that is given in childhood 
as part of needed growing-up equipment.

If doubt arises later in life,
it is thrust aside for emotional reasons,
 a nostalgic loyalty to the past, 
affection for family and friends,, 
dread of the excommunication and banishment 
that threaten those who do not conform.

  Religious habits, 
rules, regulations, rites, and rituals,
a system of reference and of values
 are imposed,
making one a prisoner
of doctrine and dogma.

allows an evasion of issues
which others of conscience confront honestly. 

And to top it off, 
the believer derives a sense of great superiority 
from this very cowardice itself.

I have to communicate my feelings. 

To fight unhappiness
 one must first expose it, 
which means that I must dispel 
the mystifications behind which it is hidden 
urging people to think about it,

 It is because I reject lies and running away 
that I am accused of heresy; 
but this rejection implies a hope
 my hope that truth may be of use. 

This is a more optimistic attitude 
than the choice of indifference, ignorance 
or religious sham.

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