Saturday, January 28, 2017

Truth and or Certainty

The search for truth
counts among the best and greatest quests
that life has created in the course of a long search
for a better world.

We all have made mistakes;
all living creatures make mistakes.
It is indeed impossible to foresee
all the unintended consequences of our actions.

But, it is not a  search for certainty.
To err is human.
All human knowledge is fallible
and therefore uncertain.

It follows that we must distinguish sharply
between truth and certainty.
We cannot reasonably aim at certainty.

Since we can never know anything for sure,
it is simply not worth searching for certainty;
but it is well worth searching for truth;
and we do this chiefly by finding mistakes,
and correcting them.

I do not believe in religious authority 
and resist dogmatism.

As far as I am concerned
 I do not believe in creeds.

 I believe that beliefs do have a place in ethics, 
But even here only in a few instances. 

I believe that True Love is the key value, 
an ethical value, 
perhaps the greatest value there is, 
and that the lack of love
 is the greatest evil.

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