Saturday, February 4, 2017


willing to be 
my True Self
in all my innumerable daily activities
always brings some anxiety.

There would be no anxiety
if there were no possibility for growth.

Actualizing my possibilities
always involves negative as well as positive aspects.
It always involves altering the status quo,
changing old patterns within myself,
progressively abandoning the religious dogmas,
rites and rituals
that I clung to from childhood,
and creating new and original forms and ways of living
and thinking.

If I did not do this,
I would be refusing to grow,
refusing to avail myself of my possibilities;
shirking my responsibility to my True Self,
to my Creator.

But growing means
 fighting the status quo,
breaking the old forms;
producing something new and original
in my human relations
as well as in my writing, 
my poetry.

Thus in every writing,
in each new poem,
something born in the past
is allowed to die
so that something new in the present 
may be born.

a prerequisite for

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