Saturday, February 4, 2017


I believe that life is a very important adventure
that has to be carried out solely by me,
but in cooperation with other individuals.

I take full responsibility for myself
and for the kind of life I create
and the relationships I have with other people.

I believe very strongly in individual freedom,
both internal freedom and external freedom.

I believe in freedom 
from the restraints of religious doctrine and dogma
and therefore,
freedom to realize my highest potential
and to take full responsibility for any of my failures.

The kind of individualism that I espouse
is self-responsible,
which can never be transformed into self-centeredness.

My sense of self-respect
is built on respect for other human beings.

I value BEING Human
and thus I value myself
and others.

I strive to give to another person
the same respect I give myself
as a Human Being.

My authenticity is sacred.
 It is the one thing that is truly mine.

My story, my life, my values, my relationships
are what I will die for.

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