Friday, February 10, 2017


You and I
have subtle subconscious abilities
we do not use enough.

Beyond our limited analytic intellect,
we have a vast realm
of abilities
that includes psychic and extrasensory skills;
a sense of unity,
aesthetic, qualitative, and creative faculties;
as well as
and symbolic capabilities.

These abilities are many,
but we give them a single name,
with justification,
for they work best
when they work together
in concert.

They make up
a spontaneous connection
to the cosmic
and this connection
is called
our Heart.

Our Heart
is an antenna
that receives subtle emanations
of existence.

Our Heart operates
beyond the limits of our superficial
reactive ego.

Awakening Our Heart,
our spirit,
is an unlimited process
of making ourselves
more sensitive,
and refined,
joining us
to the cosmic milieu,
Infinite Love.

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