Saturday, February 25, 2017


denotes the bounding circle,
the line at which the earth and the sky
appear to meet.

It is the limit of my vision.
As I move about,
it recedes in front
and closes in behind.

From different standpoints,
there are different horizons.

For each different standpoint and horizon,
there are different totalities of visible objects.

Beyond my horizon
lie objects that I cannot see,
at least for the moment.
Within my horizon
lie objects that I can now see.

As with my field of vision,
so too the scope of my knowledge
and range of interests
are bounded by my horizon.

What lies beyond my horizon
lies outside my knowledge and interests.

We each have differences
in horizon,
living, in a sense, in different worlds.

Many horizons
include one another
with many complementing each other.

But Horizons may differ
as successive stages in development,
each stage built on earlier stages,
including them but also
transforming them.

Horizons may be opposed.
What is found in one horizon
may be unintelligible in an other;
what for one is true,
for an other, false.
What for one is good,
for an other is evil.

While dwelling exclusively in one horizon,
an other’s may be attributed to
wishful thinking,
ignorance or fallacy,
blindness or illusion,
backwardness or immaturity,
infidelity or bad will.

A rejection of an other’s horizon
may be passionate
with the suggestion of openness
making one furious.

But learning
is not a mere addition
to previous learning,
but more
an organic growth out of it.

I may have reasons for my goals,
clarifying, amplifying, qualifying
my statements,
but what does not seem to fit,
I do not notice or label irrelevant
or unimportant.

are the sweep of my interests
and my knowledge,
a fertile source of further knowledge
and care;
but also the boundaries
that limit my capacity
for assimilating more than
I have already attained,
unless I can begin to see
and understand
complementary horizons
and even those

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