Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Mystics and saints have long known
that the universe comes from Love,
and is sustained by Love.

The primary expression of Creation is Love,
its greatest transformative power.

Love is the living link
that unites God with humanity,
that assures the progress of every illumined soul.

Love is the unique power
that binds together the diverse elements of this material world,
the supreme magnetic force
that directs the movements of the spheres
in the celestial realms.

We are hardwired to connect,
to cooperate,
be empathic, compassionate, caring, and altruistic.

Never have the effects of love’s force been more apparent,
or important.
We see spontaneous expressions of these virtues daily.
In all its forms and disguises,
love still flourishes in a world wounded by hatred.

As I consciously integrated this divine force into my  life, 
I felt the unifying force of love 
evolving my personal and collective potential to its highest level possible.

 Loving all with a pure heart 
is the spiritual activism of our time.

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