Monday, February 6, 2017

Personally Universal

I find my position as a poet today
a curious one.

For a long time I thought
that a poet’s focus was the individual human soul,
my story of it,
transforming my personal experiences and emotions
into written events.

Now I believe that my  job is
somehow or other
to be above the mêlée,
or so deeply in it
that I come through it to something else,
something universal and timeless.

My Quest is like a dense forest into which I disappear, 
penetrating slowly and often in the dark, 
but always with a sense of awe and imminent discovery. 

What is the deepest in me,
the most personal,
is in fact,
the most universal.

connecting  with Others
at a deep personal level
is discovering my True Self,
connecting with all of humanity,
uniting with the Creator.

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