Monday, February 27, 2017

Questions, not Answers

What I have found over the years
is that when I really allow myself to connect
with what my spiritual life is about,
what my deep questions are,
what my deep yearning is,
then I have all the vitality I need.

All of a sudden,
the direction of my spiritual life
starts to become conscious.

I don’t get there, though,
as long as I’m too stuck in thinking,
seeking the formula,
wanting answers.

The best answer is
I don’t know.

I spend time in silence and meditation most every day. 
It’s a great thing. 
Even when I’m not involved in spiritual pursuits, 
it’s good for me. 

But unless I’m connected to deeper issues,
 asking what this is this about for me,
it’s not going to be spiritually meaningful. 

Once I learned to live the questions, 
I had all the vitality I’d ever need.

The sin of religion
is not so much that it's teachings are wrong,
but that it attempts to provide all the answers
instead of motivating us
to live the questions.

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