Monday, February 20, 2017

Sacred Silence

Why don’t I experience true silence.
The simplest answer is that I am habituated to noise.
I am addicted to novelty, sensation, to myself.

Fuss and commotion,
mental chattering,
and outer stimulation
occupy my mind from dawn to dusk.
I am overflowing with my own ideas and opinions.

To learn Silence I must first empty my mind,
but there is no room for such emptiness
when I am clattering away on my laptop and iPad every day.
I keep the capacious pockets of silence well at bay.

I thereby deafen myself
to the underlying silence
I would otherwise clearly hear.

By embarking on a spiritual path,
I am attempting to encounter silence firsthand.
This is the quintessential journey in life
the inner sojourn.

It is returning to a source long ago forgotten
but often glimpsed at moments unaware.
Recapturing that which flitters on the periphery of awareness
is my goal.

I strive to consciously dive into silence,
at first unfelt.
With repeated practice it becomes a living, palpable Presence
filled with immeasurable vitality and boundless continuity.

By intentionally quieting my restless mind
 and calling a temporary halt to the random noise,
inner and outer,
to which I am subject, 
I can create an environment 
conducive to the manifestations of silence. 

Welling up from within, 
this silence subtly engulfs me, 
drowning out all the noise of existence.

The Jewish mystics refer to God as “ayin,” nothingness. 
When I quell the somethingness of my life, 
this nothingness emerges. 

As nature abhors a vacuum,
God rushes in 
to fill the nothingness I create.

But as long as I dwell in the realm of substance, 
Sacred Silence remains elusive.

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