Saturday, February 11, 2017


In spite of all my care
and precaution,
life is unpredictable
and subject to change.

My sense of security
and control
is mostly illusion.

No matter how hard I try
to be safe
and achieve something,
life is uncertainty,
and I am a wavering creature.

There have been
and will be unexpected changes
in my life.
There has been
and will be loss.

Security is mostly superstition.

It does not exist in nature,
nor does humanity as a whole
experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer
than outright exposure to it.

Life is either a daring adventure
or nothing.

A definition of Faith
is the ability to keep my heart open
in the darkness of the unknown.

Being Patient does not mean
to be passive;

it means being attentive,
willing to be available
to what is happening,
seeing how things are changing
right in front of me.

When I’m not wishing
for something to be finished
or when I’m not panicking
over what I’m seeing,
I see and hear

Darkness passes.

happens in many different ways,
in small moments,
many times.

These moments come
when I stop fighting reality,
when I relax
and open up.

My opening up
often comes in the midst of
what I thought was failure
or disappointment.

I find Truth
when I observe
from my inner self.

Any search for security
blocks enlightenment.

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