Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The traditional way Roman Catholic priests are trained, 
and who can and who cannot become one,
 is culturally irrelevant
and, given current realities, 
remarkably unimaginative. 

And unfortunately, 
it has shaped a grim future for the Catholic Church. 

A key, if generally unacknowledged, force driving massive parish closings
is the shortage of 
quasi-celibate, non-gay, subservient male clerics
to lead these parishes. 

In the next ten to twenty years, 
it will bring a crisis in church life 
that no one can easily picture. 

Like a struggling car producer, 
seminaries need to retool entirely,
 so they can produce a higher volume of more agile new models,
needed by Catholics
 today and not in the Middle Ages.

Roman Catholic Seminary formation 
has become an outdated irrelevant process 
designed to staff a medieval system 
that is decades overdue 
for a fresh and courageous approach,
lacking among Church leadership.

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