Friday, February 10, 2017


I, like you,
have a natural curiosity,
which would be perfectly harmless,
if it were not

I have suffered betrayal
along the way,
because of my preferred meanings
including the meaning of
meaning itself.

I had to overcome
my penchant for meaning-making
and an inability
to turn away from
my self-created self.

I have ignored my own participation
in the co-creation of the universe.

My knowledge was doomed
because knowledge alone
harbors the seed of its own destruction.

The known and unknown
are given;
death is inevitable
and life is not
a garden of Eden.

life IS meaningful
my relational, co-creative way of
provides me assurances,
from beyond meaning
through others.

I, as you,
participate in a universal living order,
ultimately unfathomable,
in which my spirit
is not separate,
but, rather,
profoundly integrated
with you
the Creator.

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