Monday, March 20, 2017

Bible Stories

Why did it take
one, two, three or more generations
to write down all the things
Jesus said and did?

Kind of strange
given all that Jesus was said
to have done.

Why did Paul,
who’s letters preceded the gospels,
not even mention,
virgin birth,
and bodily resurrection?

Two of the four evangelists
had the third evangelist’s writings in hand
as the wrote,
hence similar testimonies.

But John, the last,
about 100 years after Jesus,
made up a load of stuff on his own,
seeing Jesus as the way, truth, and life,
the light of the world
and the bread of life.

Parts of John’s Gospel
were not even written by John,
new bits added up to 300 years later,
including the bit about casting the first stone.

If someone wrote today
about how things actually happened
during the French Revolution,
who said and did what,
how many of the world’s historians
would simply nod and agree?

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