Monday, March 6, 2017

I Yearn

I yearn for church
    that is not an enclosure for the virtuous, 
but more an oasis for the weary and downtrodden;
    not an experience of exclusion, discrimination, and elitism, 
but more an encounter of radical love, inclusiveness and solidarity;
    not with an attitude of we are right and they are wrong,
but more with an attitude of openness to truth 
wherever and in whomever it is to be found;
not a bastion of unchangeable doctrine and dogma,
but a source of inspiration and exploration;
not one claiming to have all the answers,
but one challenging us all to live the questions;
    not with a leadership of control and clericalism, 
but more of a humble service exemplified by Jesus;
    not using a language of condemnation, 
but more with a language of affirmation and compassion;
 not preoccupied with its own maintenance and prestige,
but more with a concern for the People of God,
all of us.

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