Monday, April 17, 2017

A New Brain

My conditioned thought
always wanted an answer to the question at hand.

What has been important for me
was developing another thinking,
a vision.

For this I had to liberate a certain energy
that was beyond my usual thought.
I needed to ¬experience
I do not know
without seeking an answer,
abandoning my need for answers
to enter the unknown.

When it was no longer my same mind,
it began engaging in a new way.
I could begin to see without any preconceived idea,
without choice,
without judging, sorting, classifying, evaluating.

In relaxing, I no longer had to choose to relax
before knowing why.

I began learning to purify my power of vision,
not by turning away from the undesirable
or toward what was agreeable.

I had to learn to stay in front and see clearly.
All things had importance,
and I became fixed on nothing.

Everything depended on this vision,
on a look that comes not from any command of my thought
but from a feeling of urgency to simply Be.

real vision, 
came in the interval between the old response 
and the new response
 to the reception of an impression. 

The old response was based on material inscribed in my memory. 
With the new response, 
free from the past, 
my brain remained open, 
in an ¬attitude of respect.

 It seemingly was a new brain 
with different cells 
and a new intelligence. 

When I saw that my thought was incapable of understanding,
 that its movement brought nothing, 
I was open to the sense of the cosmic, 
beyond the realm of human perception.

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