Saturday, April 8, 2017


Occasionally, I’m taken to task
by people who regard anger as a spiritual flaw
to be eliminated.

I beg to differ:
When something is morally wrong,
even, or especially, when done by Church Leaders,
it does more harm than good
to put a spiritually positive spin on it.

Whitewashing religion in the name of God
doesn’t improve the world;
it perpetuates religion as a source of delusion.

If I weren’t angry about abuse by Church hierarchy,
I’d fear that I was as feckless and reckless as they are.

I’m all for forgiveness
as an antidote for anger.
I agree with those who say
that forgiveness is key to carrying on,
and I agree that not forgiving
is like drinking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.

But forgiveness, I’ve discovered,
is not always mine to give
especially in relation to a church hierarchy
that has a long history of malicious acts
and remains unrepentant.

Sometimes I have to pass the forgiveness baton
to higher powers.

I know that anger has the potential to harm me
and others my orbit.
But I have learned
that anger buried poses more threats to my well being,
and that of those around me,
than anger expressed non-violently.

Repressed anger is dangerous.
With anger harnessed as an energy,
I can ride toward new life for all concerned.
It’s redemptive.

Spirituality and anger (and humor) 
are not mutually exclusive.


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