Saturday, April 8, 2017


There is a divine restlessness in my heart.

Though my body maintains an outer stability and consistency,
My heart is an eternal nomad.

No circle of belonging can ever contain all the longings my heart.

We all have immortal longings.
All human creativity issues from the urgency of longing.

The restlessness of my heart
will never be stilled.
My longing is eternal.

This is what constantly qualifies and enlarges my circle of be-longing.
There is a constant and vital tension 
between my longing and belonging.

Without the shelter of belonging,
My longings would lack direction, focus, and context;
they would be aimless and haunted,
constantly tugging the heart in a myriad of opposing directions.

Without belonging, my longing would be demented.
Just as my memory gathers and anchors time,
so does belonging shelter my longing.

If my longing died, 
my poetry would cease.

  I have discovered
That the arduous task of being human
 is to balance my longing and my belonging 
so that they work with and against each other
 to ensure that all my potential and my gifts 
that sleep in the clay of my heart 
may be awakened and realized in this life.

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