Saturday, April 1, 2017

Present Moment

Why did I bother
trying to be fully in the present moment.
What was the point of practicing coming home to the present moment,
gently letting go of thinking and striving,
opening up to what is here and now.

The point was to be open to those moments of grace
that come right in the midst of life.
Indeed, it was often in the wake of my biggest failures
and my most wrenching losses
that I glimpsed powers and forces and gifts
that I had previously overlooked.

Moments of love and kindness, for example.
Moments of shared humanity.
Unexpected moments of Joy throughout my life.

I discovered that
having a spiritual life
did not mean striving to stop the rain from falling
or keeping my heart from breaking.

It meant letting go of my resistance to life
and my willful separation from others.
It meant taking my place in the greater whole of life.

This surrender
tended to happen in moments of loss
but also in moments of great love.

In those moments,
 it became natural for me
 to say or inwardly feel
Thy will be done,
I surrender,
opening to the rain and the sun and all that came,
realizing that I was more than I thought I was.

In those moments 
when I stopped running and resisting what was happening, 
when I brought my attention home to the present moment, 
I discovered my Spiritual Path,
a greater light 
and a greater life,

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