Friday, April 14, 2017

Rising Early

I wake up every day around 4AM
while it is still dark outside.
A serene beauty and stillness envelop the Earth at this time.

Though it is still dark out,
the early morning darkness seems to be softer than nighttime,
almost as if it’s infused with a divine light.

And rising this early benefits my body, mind, and spirituality.

As a human being,
I share an inherent relationship with the environment.
So when light begins to spread across the sky,
my mind, too, begins to experience hope and courage.

When I gaze at the sky at this time,
I know, deep in my heart,
that the sun will be here soon,
and the dark night will be consumed by the spreading light,
taking with it the fears, doubts, and ignorance
that enveloped me as I slept.

When I witness the transformation from dark to light,
from night to dawn,
there is a stirring of hope
and a spiritual presence in my subconscious being,
which begins to reveal itself,
banishing ignorance and infusing my consciousness
with divine illumination and intuitive knowledge.

For me, the early mornings are magical. 

At this time, the darkness of the night is slowly dissipating, 
and the light of the sun, 
even before it has tangibly announced its bold presence in the sky,
 is making its subtle but commanding presence felt. 

I cannot yet see the light, 
but I can sense the light in my heart, 
wherein dwells that one consciousness that connects me 
with the sun, moon, and Earth 
and all that I know 
and also all that I cannot fathom with my ordinary senses.

 It is during this time of outer stillness and inner silence 
that I can most easily connect to the universal truth, 
and the one reality that is immutable and absolute.

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