Wednesday, April 5, 2017

With Integrity

Every minute, every breath counts.
The truth is
death is always with me.
Everything is constantly changing.
Nothing is permanent.

Yet, embracing the truth of life’s precariousness
helps me to appreciate its preciousness.

I needed to learn to not hold my opinions, my desires,
and even my own identity
so tightly.

Instead of pinning my hopes on some reward in the life hereafter,
I needed to focus on the present
and being grateful for what I have in front of me
right now.

I say, I love you more often.
I have tried to  become kinder,
more compassionate
and more forgiving.

In welcoming everything,
I don't have to like what's arising
or necessarily agree with it,
but I strive to be willing to meet it,
to learn from it.

The word Welcome
asks me to temporarily suspend my usual rush to judgment
and to be open to what is showing up at my front door,
to receive it in the spirit of hospitality.

More than once
I have found an undesirable aspect of myself,
one about which I felt ashamed,
to be the very quality
that allowed me to meet another person’s suffering
with compassion instead of fear or pity.

It is not  my expertise,
but the exploration of my own vulnerability
that enables me to build an empathetic bridge
and be of real assistance to others.

I learned that to be whole,
I needed to include and connect all parts of myself.
Wholeness does not mean perfection.
It means no part left out.

I work to cultivate a mind 
that's open and receptive, 
not limited by agendas, roles, and expectations,
free to discover. 

When I was filled with knowing, 
when my mind was made up, 
it narrowed my vision 
limiting my capacity to act. 
I only saw what my knowing allowed me to see. 

I don’t abandon my knowledge;
 it’s always there in the background should I need it,
 but I let go of fixed ideas. 
I let go of control.

And so
this is how I try to live

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