Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is God Love

I raise questions
in my poetry
because I don’t know the answers.
It’s become my Spiritual Practice.

are fantastic spaces
for unanswered questions
taking me as far down the road as I can go
striving to understand something.

So often,
the road ends
with a real Question.

What if God is Love?

What would that mean?

It surely means
I Am because Love is,
so what?

As precious as life is,
is it the most important thing,
the highest possible value?

If it is,
I’m lost,
because we all die.

Might the most important thing,
the most valuable thing,
be Love?

Though the world is full
of suffering and evil and pain,
Love Is.

I have something to do,
I have something to look for,
I have a way to live,
a treasure
more important and valuable
than life itself.

 If God is Love,
am I One with God
Being in Love?

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