Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let's dialog

I realize that my harsh and direct disagreement
 with Institutional Church polices, practices, governance, 
and especially theology
places honest thought under pressure. 

That’s its point. 

Pressure should be intellectually productive;
being forced to look closely at arguments 
against a beloved religious position 
can help those who hold it 
to honestly examine it
and perhaps even move them to abandon it
as non-sense.

But pressure also causes pain and fear; 
and when those under pressure 
find these things difficult to bear, 
they’ll sometimes use any means possible
 to make the pressure and the pain go away. 

They feel unsafe, threatened, put upon, 
and so they react by remaining secure 
in the darkness of the Church bushel
or attacking the messenger, me,
as heretic and dissenter.

Both moves are common enough, 
as is their support for the hierarchical powers that be. 

Pewsitter tolerance for intellectual pain is low
as is tolerance for any sort of argument
against what they’ve been told
to believe.

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