Thursday, May 4, 2017


I believe in people.
I feel, love, need, and respect people above all else.

One person fighting for the truth
can disqualify for me
the religious platitudes of centuries.

And one human being who stands up against religious discrimination
can render invalid the entire hierarchy which has dispensed it.

I believe in the potential of people.
I cannot rest passively
with those who give up in the name of religion.

Human nature becomes an unexamined existence
if it is obliged to remain static,
paying, praying, obeying.

Without growth,
without metamorphosis,
there is no God.

The laborious, loving way,
the way of dignity and divinity,
presupposes a belief in people
and in their capacity to change, grow, communicate,
and love,
despite doctrine dogma to the contrary.

I believe in our unconscious mind,
the deep spring from which comes
the power to communicate and to love.

For me, love is a combination of these powers;
for if love is the way we have of communicating personally in the deepest way,
then what we can do
is to extend this communication, magnify it,
and carry it to vastly greater numbers of people.

Despite religion,
We must encourage thought, 
free and creative. 

We must respect privacy. 
We must observe taste 
by not exploiting our sorrows, successes, or passions. 
We must learn to know ourselves better. 
We must rely more on our unconscious, intuitional, inspirational side. 

We must not enslave ourselves to dogma. 
We must believe in the attainability of good. 
We must believe, without fear, in people.

I do.

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