Monday, May 1, 2017

Self Transcendence

My Life Quest
has revealed to me
the Eros of my Spirit,
my capacity and desire 
for self-transcendence
through Love.

That capacity
meets fulfillment;
that desire
turns to Joy,
I am transformed by Love.

In Love,
all my pursuits
seem  furthered
by a cosmic purpose.

The Love
that enables my self-transcendence
is without conditions, qualifications, reservations;
it captivates all my heart, 
all my soul,
all my mind,
all my strength.

True Love’s
lack of limitations
corresponds to
my need for unrestricted questioning.

True Love
fulfillment, joy, peace, bliss.

I can miss it
by evading questions,
being absorbed with other matters,
and by mental distractions.

But then the absence of Love
reveals itself to me
in my unrest, 
an absence of Joy
and a lack of peace.

True Love
  reveals to me
Values in Splendor
and the strength of this Love
brings their realization in me,
thus enabling
my self-transcendence.

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