Sunday, May 28, 2017


Much that my religion taught
about suffering
is hogwash.

It was important for me
to learn to distinguish
between true crosses and false crosses.

Growing up,
I was taught that somehow
suffering was supposed to be good;
as I said, hogwash.

I do not believe
that the God who gave me life
wants to me live life,  suffering,
but indeed wants me to live life fully
and well.

Does that belief
take me to places
where I suffer
because I stand for something,
because I am committed to something,
because I am passionate about something
that is rejected by my religion?

But in all honesty,
suffering this way
Is life-giving.

It’s my Truth
and I cannot not live it.

And there is the suffering
that is death,
which must simply be worked through
to find life
on the other side.

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