Monday, June 26, 2017

Catholic Church USA

The Catholic Church in the USA
is a Western version of the gospel
that manifests itself as a top-down model
that befits a male clerical hierarchy.

I am against any version of Catholicism
that discriminates against people of other religions
and lesbians and gays,
one that is beholden to the powerfully corrupt
Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, and the Republican Party,
one that elevates clergy over laity,
upholding a patriarchy
in place of giving an equal voice to its women.

I despise the theology
that is based on the idea
that humanity is fallen,
needing a one true church
along with its rules, regulations,
rites, and rituals
and its ordained minions
for us to be redeemed/saved.

We have lost a piece of the true church,
the piece that calls for us to be honest
and to reconcile ourselves back to the wholeness of God,
a wholeness that accepts and treats all people
as worthy of love.

 I am for a version of Catholicism that laments these things,
that finds a way forward by welcoming outsiders
and making it a priority to treat women with equality.

I am pro-Jesus and pro-America 
because I believe that what lies in our greatness
is not that we are great, 
but that the world can be
a benevolent and holy place. 

That kind of greatness is not based on clerical power or control. 
It is not based on the dominance, abuse, or discrimination
 of those who are lower 
or other. 

It is based on love, 
on sacrifice based on that love.

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