Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Divine Energy

It is
Divine Energy
that animates me
and you.

I believe
a direct perception of this energy
may be possible.

I think
a key to the mystery
of my consciousness
resides in my capacity
for this perception.

This cannot be a mere mental act,
but a dormant property

If this living Divine energy
did not sustain me,
my Quest would make no sense at all.

I have been separated
from myself
and from God
as I have forgotten my own ignorance.

Remembering myself
requires recognizing myself
in a rediscovered and eternally present energy,
free of all form.

This rediscovery
cannot result
from thought or desire alone,
but by my whole Being
in a fusion
with no gap
through which doubt might slip enter.

True Prayer is not a petition.

It is an aspect
of my contact with the Divine

Outside this contact,
I saw myself
as a mere separate tiny being.

I do not need to ask
for anything
although my ego does.

I do not need to pray
in order to Be;
I have only to recognize that
I Am;
That is Prayer.

In this rediscovery
of myself
I live in Love,
one with the Divine.

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