Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Eliminate the negative

Church Reformers
tend to think that
eliminating the negatives
associated with the institution,
discrimination, dogmatism, sexism,
clericalism, misappropriation, etc.
will draw others in,
encouraging those who have left,
those who been abused or mistreated
to return.

At a minimum,
the sincere reformers
hope their actions
will at least keep those who are in
Inside it.

or perhaps fortunately,
eliminating the negatives
is not enough;
There needs to be more,
much more,
something positive
to draw people in,
even to keep people in.

Is a sense of Community enough?

The Religion of Church
by definition
is a closed belief system,
tolerating no dissent
once free to find one’s path in life,
we discover that 
true open, healthy, vibrant Community
IS available
outside the institution
with no need to be imprisioned
in it,
by it.

Life is not a closed system,
nor is spirituality
and spiritual growth.

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