Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Endless Time

I needed to find a place
beyond guilt and responsibility,
beyond sin and redemption,
where there is rest for my busy mind,
always elaborating, sorting, affirming, judging, condemning, criticizing;
rest for my anguished heart,
seeking meaning
in a confused world full of conflicting demands.

I needed rest from the thought that,
in spite of all my good intentions,
I’m sure to get it wrong again.

I had to listen
to the spaces between the many words we say and hear.
I had to attend to the sound of silence itself.
This space between doings and achieving is non-invasive.
It doesn’t demand action,
simply providing nourishment.

It is often called endless time,
where I feel cared for,
liberated from the sense that I must perform,
get stuff done,
realize a potential,
serve a cause,
help a friend.

The fact is,
endless time is always there,
ready to flood in
whenever I have sense enough
to lay down my perceived to-do list.

When I can give up for a moment
the problems that seem so important,
so immediate,
so real,
then I find myself immersed in another order of reality,
the world of sound, touch, taste, smell, and unrecognized feelings.

This is where joy resides.

Here, the noise recedes 
and inner quiet floods in 
from a world beyond time.

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