Saturday, July 29, 2017

Loving Listening

Listening without judgment
is probably the simplest,
most profound way to connect.

It is an act of love.

Listening can be so devout and generous
that it can help draw out the truth from the speaker.
In this way, my listening can be a healing salve.

I strive to meet people with acceptance,
listening from the heart,
withholding any judgments.

I constantly work at cultivating an I-don’t-know mind.

I have learned and witnessed
the importance of good listening and attention. 

My mindful attention and compassion 
are the most available, 
least expensive, 
and most effective tools 
that I can utilize 
literally in every aspect of my Grief Support.

Yet, they are undervalued by some, 
sadly sometimes even viewed as inappropriate,
 and frequently shelved for another time.

Loving Listening
is the key
to effective caregiving
True Compassion.

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