Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happiness and Joy

Happiness is a fulfillment of my hopes and aims.
Happiness is mediated by my nervous system, 
which has to do with 
eating, contentment, resting, placidity. 

Joy is mediated by the opposing system,
 the sympathetic, 
which does not make me want to eat, 
but stimulates me for exploration. 

Happiness relaxes me;
 Joy challenges me with new levels of experience. 

Happiness depends generally on my outer state; 
joy is an overflowing of my inner energies 
and leads me to awe and wonderment. 

Joy is a release, 
an opening up;
 it is what comes when I am able genuinely to let go.

Happiness is associated with contentment;
 Joy with freedom and an abundance of human spirit.

Joy is new possibilities; 
it points toward the future. 
Joy is living on the razor’s edge; 
happiness promises satisfaction of my present state,
 a fulfillment of old longings. 

Joy is the thrill of new things to explore; 
it is an unfolding of life.

Happiness is related to security, 
to being reassured,
 to doing things as I is used to do them.
Joy is a revelation of what was unknown before. 

Happiness often ends up in a placidity 
on the edge of boredom. 
Happiness is success. 
But joy is stimulating, 
it is the discovery of new feelings 
emerging within me.

Happiness is the absence of discord; 
joy is the welcoming of discord 
as the basis of higher harmonies. 

Happiness is finding a system of rules 
which solves my problems;
 joy is taking the risk 
that is necessary to break new frontiers.

Joy follows rightly confronted despair. 
Joy is the experience of possibility, 
the consciousness of my freedom 
as I confront my destiny. 

In this sense, despair, 
when it is directly faced,
 can lead to joy. 

After despair, 
the one thing left is possibility. 
We all stand on the edge of life, 
each moment comprising that edge. 

Before us is only possibility. 
The future is open.

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