Sunday, August 6, 2017

To Help

On my journey
I’ve learned to start listening to my inner voice.
I call it True Self,
akin to the Divine,
 while some people call it intuition
or wisdom.

I don’t think it matters what I call it,
but I do think it matters
that I know how to find it,
and hear it.

It’s about asking my deepest wisdom,
my intuition,
my True Self,
what to do,
and then trusting it.

The journey for me now
is to just do the next right thing,

I try to never tell anyone what to do,
but I will always remind people
that they already know.

I can sit quietly
and practice listening
to the still, small voice inside
and then trust it.

There’s lots of science around mental health,
but there’s also a spirituality to it.
Many run from knowing,
trying not to know something that the soul knows
because what is in the quiet is truth,
and truth can be scary.

But I owe myself  at least that:
not to abandon truth,
not to abandon True Self.
No matter how big and overwhelming my problems feel,
all I need to do is sit near the water
to get some perspective on my size in the universe.

My idea that I can control everything
and that I’m in charge of creating beauty
is clearly not true when I sit next to Torch Lake.

The best thing I can do to collect beauty
is to remember that life is in front of me.
It’s not on the news or the Internet.

My job as a poet
 is to pay close attention to people
and to our world,
to notice things that others might not notice.

When I look closely,
I fall in love.
When I fall in love with people and the world,
I simply want to help;
that is my journey.

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