Friday, August 4, 2017

Truly Listening

Truly Listening
 involves a clear intention
of bringing attention to the moment,
opening up,
and letting go
of the preoccupations with myself.

Truly Listening
requires that I suspend my internal thoughts
and quiet the viewpoints most closely held as mine.
I just let them go,
turning off my opinions
like shutting off my cell phone.

As easy as that sounds,
it is more difficult to do
than giving in to my viewpoints.
Those silent opinions give me a reference point to hold on to.
It is like having an internal handrail in my mind.

I can listen
as long as I have a sense of solidity, of safety, of security
inside myself.
If I give up the attachment to what I think and feel,
I’m afraid I’ll drop into a kind of free fall.
I’ll lose my grip on things.
I won’t really know who I am or where I am going.

 This sounds dramatic and silly,
but at some level,
this is how tightly I hold on to my own perspective.

Listening involves letting go,
releasing my tight grip on things on my mind.
At first it feels like falling,
but once I have befriended it,
once I have learned to relax with it,
it feels good to let go.

Letting go is another form of empathy.
My private opinions and judgments
no longer create a division between me and the person speaking.
We simply join with their experience.
We become one and the same.

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