Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Upside of Being Sensitive

As a sensitive person, I have much to be grateful for: 
I can experience exquisite passion and joy. 
I can perceive the big picture 
on a deep level. 

I am attuned to the beauty, poetry, and energy of life. 
My compassion 
gives me the capacity to help others. 

My sensitivities 
allow me to be caring, vulnerable, and aware. 

I feel a special relationship to nature. 
I feel a kinship with animals, flowers, trees, and clouds. 

I am drawn to the peace of the wilderness, 
the beauty of Torch Lake,
the quiet of the Arizona desert, 
the red rock canyons, 
the forests, 
the vastness of the ocean. 

I can dance under the full moon 
and feel her loveliness in my body. 
I can become one with the serenity of nature. 

I want to protect the earth, 
our mother, 
and conserve her precious resources. 

Empaths have the power to positively change themselves, 
their families, 
and the rest of the world.

Empaths represent a new model for leadership 
by being vulnerable and strong. 
We can have a huge effect on humanity 
by promoting mutual understanding,
the path to peace in our personal lives 
and globally. 

Through sensitivity,
 we can create a compassion revolution 
and save the world.

Sensitivity is the path to nonviolence. 
We can be the healers and restorers and seers 
and lovers 
if we keep our sensitivities open 
and stay centered 
in the power of

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