Wednesday, September 6, 2017


can only take me so far. 

Action, behavior, 
especially compassionate behavior,
 has been more important for me 
than thinking. 

By constantly exercising compassion,
I can enter a different state of consciousness. 
This rather than thinking 
has been my path to enlightenment.

Compassion brings me release from my mind. 
It is a synonym in Buddhism
for the ultimate enlightenment of nirvana. 

The New Testament is full of the same wisdom. 
Charity and loving kindness 
brings me into the presence of God, 
not thinking. 

In the Western Christian world,
we place too much emphasis on thinking certain beliefs. 
What I have been discovering 
is the second order of thinking, 
where I watch my mind thinking. 

I now realize
 that I don’t know what I think I know. 
Thought can do a whole lot of things 
but it always finishes with unknowing. 

Thinking can take me a long way 
but I keep bumping up against unknowing. 

I only really began my quest, 
when I realized I know nothing.

The exercise of compassion 
is what matters in our world. 
The Dalai Lama says “my religion is kindness.” 

Confucious said
 “religion is altruism” 
dethroning myself from the center of my world 
and putting another there. 

Yes, this does require some intelligent thought. 
I really have to think 
and practice the golden rule 
about what the other person really wants 
rather than what I think he/she ought to want. 

When I speak to people 
I strive to  address them 
where they really are 
and not where I think they should be.  
I have to put myself in the place of another.

This state of compassion, of engagement, 
does take thinking.
It takes constant, flexible intelligence.  

Each person is different
 so principles are really not the point.  
I have to be flexible 
to respond to each situation that arises 
especially in a time where everything is changing so fast. 

All the great sages have said that 
we must see things as they really are. 
I cannot achieve enlightenment by ignoring what is. 

When I think of living this way, 
completely open, defenseless, radically honest, 
it’s as if certain primal emotions come alive. 
The ego doesn’t want to be sacrificed,
 to be killed.

In mastering this way of life 
I start to experience incredible joy 
because I’m training myself 
to go beyond my frightened ego, 
who often needs to put down other people 
to bolster itself up. 

When I let that go, 
a lot of fear goes down. 

We are programmed to defend ourselves, 
but when I take myself out of that mind state, 
if I start divesting myself of ego, 
I enter a different state of consciousness.

Took me a long time
to learn that
rather than thinking my way into a new way of acting,
I had to act my way into 
a new way of thinking.

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