Tuesday, October 17, 2017


In dogmatic religions,
definitions are contrived
to circumscribe the myth and the ritual.

What is going on in the Catholic church now
 is something of a disaster.
There we have the inheritance
of one of the greatest mythical structures ever, anywhere,
and what are they doing to it?
It’s really incredible.

Instead of simply presenting mythic ritual beautifully,
 a rich mythologically-based heritage
beautifully and powerfully
for the individual to experience in his/her own way,
they are destroying Myth
 and insisting, instead, on the dogmas,
designed to tell us
how we are supposed to interpret our experiences.

Dogma cuts us off
from our own potential of response.

When Myth is alive,
there is always an inward reference:
When contemplating Myth,
one is really, by way of a mirror-reflection,
contemplating one’s own spirit,
one’s own inward truth.

When Myth
is replaced with dogma,
contemplation of one’s own Spirit,
questing one’s own Truth,
discovering True Self
is thwarted.

Instead of helping us
Live the Questions of Life,
institutional hierarchy
scandalously foists its dogmatic answers upon us,
answers designed to protect
the status quo.

protects the circled wagons
in an ever-shrinking circle.

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