Thursday, November 30, 2017

Living in Joy

Some things that have helped me
live joyfully:

I try to be generous,
with a smile, a kind word, or a helping hand,
given freely to others.

I love connecting with people;
Close relationships provide love, support, and meaning in my life.

I stay active.
My body and mind are connected;
My health affects my mood.

I always try to notice and appreciate
the world around me,
taking time to enjoy it.

I keep learning new things;
I remain curious and engage with life.

I challenge myself to feel motivated.

I look for ways to bounce back from setbacks;
I am learning the art of letting go.

I live with a positive approach to life,
trying to focus on the good in every situation.

I have learned to be comfortable with who I am;
I don’t compare my internals to another person’s externals.

I feel part of something bigger than myself;
Having meaning in my life
lessens stress, anxiety, and depression.

I live
being in love
knowing that in doing so
I am one with my Creator,

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