Monday, December 4, 2017

A Christianity I Seek

I seek a Christianity,
a truly Catholic Church

where Jesus is a model for living,
not an object of worship,
which He never requested;

that affirms people’s potential,
not constantly reminding us of our brokenness;

where reconciliation is valued
over making judgments;

in which gracious behavior
 is more important than right belief;

where questions are more valuable
than answers,
and asking them is encouraged;

that encourages personal search
rather than group uniformity
and that celebrates diversity;

where meeting people’s needs
 is more important than maintaining an institution;

where peacemaking is more important
than power
and clericalism and church hierarchy
are just memories;

that cares more about love
and less about sexual activity;

that treasures life in this world
more than the afterlife
(eternity is God’s work anyway).

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