Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Catholicism is at its best
when it leads us forward,
when it guides us on our spiritual growth as individuals
and in our evolution as a species.

Unfortunately, Roman Catholicism has become more of a cage than a guide,
holding us back
rather than summoning us onward,
a block to constructive change
rather than a catalyst for it.

In these times of rapid and ambiguous change,
such regression may be understandable,
but it is even more tragic:
when our culture needs wise spiritual guidance the most,
all it gets from Catholic leaders is condemnation and critique,
along with nostalgia
for the lost good old days.

We see this regressive pull in Roman Catholicism,
along with Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism,
and other religions too.

In that light,
it’s no surprise that people by the millions
 have moved away from traditional Catholicism,
 and religious tyranny
into new forms of spirituality
not encrusted
with religious doctrine and dogma,
rites and rituals,
rules and regulations.

But at this pivotal moment, something else is happening:
unsettling, but needed voices are arising,
prophetic voices,
voices of change, hope, imagination, and new beginnings.

They say there’s an alternative to static rigid Catholicism,
proclaiming that
the Spirit is calling us,
not to dig in our heels,
but rather to pack up our tents and get moving again.

Roman Catholic leaders have been leading and supporting war,
colonization, segregation, slavery, discrimination, child abuse, sexism
and dogmatic tyranny.

Without their conversion,
Catholicism will continue to be proud and corrupt,
self-seeking and ingrown,
rigid and constricting.
Without their conversion,
Catholicism can be faithful neither to Jesus, nor to God’s people
and the world around us.

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