Monday, December 4, 2017

My Quest

How do I go about
finding the things in life
that are most unknown to me?

Because the things I seek
are the most transformative
and if I am honest,
I have no idea
what's really on the other side
of transformation.

Love, Wisdom, Grace, Inspiration;
How do I go about finding these,
which are about
extending my boundaries
into unknown territory?

As a poet of sorts,
I have tried to
open doors
to the unknown and unfamiliar,
living at the edge of
the boundary of the unknown.
taking me,
and maybe my readers
out into the dark night at sea.

At times,
I lose myself
in voluptuous surrender,
utterly immersed in what is present,
capable of being
in uncertainty and mystery,
losing myself
without getting lost,
finding precisely that
which is totally unknown to me.


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