Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Prophetic Imagination

The Roman Catholic consciousness
reinforces the economics of affluence,
politics of oppression, discrimination, and sexism
with a religion of divine accessibility
where God is fully controllable
and perceived as the hierarchy’s patron.

We hear echoes of this imperial mindset today
as Roman Catholic religious leaders,
professional God-knowers,
endorse political candidates whose moral actions and legislative agendas
stand counter to Jesus’ vision
of good news for the poor.

A prophetic consciousness
 seeks to free people from this Catholic Roman consciousness.

People locked in this imperial mindset
assimilate the status quo;
critics are silenced, grief is buried, faith identity is lost, and passion withers. And when passion disappears,
people develop immunity to transcendent voices
and to concern for neighbors.

Through acts of creative speech,
prophetic imagination creates a genuine alternative.
Prophetic imagination,
an alternative consciousness,
counters the Roman consciousness with pathos and imagination.

By waging poetic war through image and metaphor,
prophets conjure up possibilities of another reality
even though the Catholic hierarchy declares
that only their version of reality exists.

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