Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Masculinity of Jesus

Jesus is the most powerful person in history.
He has had the most influence on people
 for instead of exploiting relationships
to fulfill selfish desires,
his life was always about God’s will for him
and God’s heart for people.

Jesus humbled himself and served others.
He showed up as a helpless child
and as a grown man,
he showed us that power does not have to be a means
to a selfish end.

Positions of influence and power
 are an opportunity to humble ourselves,
and bless and serve our community
and our world.

Jesus, rather than seeing himself as superior to others,
fully identified with our human condition,
elevating women far above their cultural status of the day.

When we think of Jesus
 and the message he brought,
it is shameful indeed
that 2,000 years after he walked on the earth,
the Roman Catholic hierarchy
is still trying to figure out an appropriate and proper expression.

Roman Catholic clergy
constantly promote an oppressive, objectifying and demeaning view of women
when Jesus serves as the ultimate example of true masculinity
for us to understand and emulate.

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