Thursday, December 7, 2017

Unity in Diversity

is not the same as uniformity.
(Just ask the builders of the Tower of Babel)

Unity is the reconciliation of differences,
with the differences first maintained
and then overcome
but only with the power of love!

We must distinguish things
and separate them
before we can spiritually unite them.

If we make this simple clarification,
so many problems
and so many overemphasized, separate identities
could be moved to a much higher level
of love
and service.

We must go back to the ultimate Christian source
for our guidance;
the central doctrine of the Trinity itself.

Yes, God is One,
and yet the further, more profound notion
is that God’s oneness is, in fact,
the radical love union
between three completely distinct aspects of the Trinity.

The three aspects of the Trinity
are not uniform,
but quite distinct,
and yet one in their outpouring!

 If we remain strict monotheists,
we will be trying to impose a false oneness (uniformity)
never learning to love, honor, and respect diversity.

Christianity must return to its Trinitarian foundations
to fully rebuild itself from the bottom up.

God is otherness and diversity,
a pluriformity
with the basic problem of the one and the many
overcome by God’s very nature.

God is a mystery of relationship,
with the truest relationship love.
Infinite Love preserves unique truths,
protecting boundaries
while simultaneously bridging them.

While these two tasks seem like opposites,
 and impossible to reconcile,
oneing is God’s essential task
and the goal of all authentic spirituality.

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