Tuesday, January 23, 2018

God and Me

I realized that
any idea of God
I might have
could easily become
a substitute for God,
impressive in the mind,
while absent from my Soul.

I am learning
to have no idea about God,
living simply with
an understanding of God.

Any understanding of God,
I might archive,
will not come from theoretical inquiry
about the attributes of God,
but simply by
living together
in Love.

My intuitive knowledge
of being Lovable, Loved, Loving
is a primary factor
in any understanding of God
I may have.

is not inferred
by my understanding of God,
but it is a determinative element
of the understanding itself.

It seems to me
that God does not reveal Godself
in abstract absolute,
but in a personal and intimate relationship
with All of Creation,
including me.

I cannot imagine
God judging the world in detachment,
but participating
in an intimate and subjective manner.


The word


may denote an idea,

a Force in the universe,

Wisdom as reflected in nature,

an Omnipotent ruler,
First Cause.

All these words
denote ideas,
but in no sense
convey the realness
of God.

So how do I sense
God’s realness?

God as Being
is hidden from my eye,
removed from my mind.

I fashion no image;
I form no concept
of God.

I am convinced of God,
not as the truth of an idea,
not in the language of essence,
but simply in the language
and experience of
in the experience of


is not a point on the horizon in my mind,
but more like the air
which surrounds me
and by which I live.

God is not a thing,
more like a happening,
more verb
than noun.

All my utterances about God
are inadequate,
woefully so.

God is beyond
my finding out.

God Is alive,
though not in a biological or physical sense,
not being a thing or organism,
but more like
a Unity of all conscious acts,
Creating, Expressing, Sustaining, Responding,
and Loving.


Despite the Mystery of God,
I do not have a one-sided emotional relationship
as in quietude or adoration.

We seem to dwell in a relationship
with many facets,
calling forth all my soul’s potentiality.
every capacity of thought
and feeling,
even passionate indignation
and vehemence.

The relationship
has assured my worth
and the legitimization of
my feelings and my affections,
enriching my spirituality,
providing me a marvelous and intense existence.

I constantly seek and take Joy
in what feels like emotional harmony
with the Divine
in Everything I do.


The biblical word

means breath, air in motion, wind,
used to denote
passion, emotion,
state of the Soul.
It is rarely, if ever
used with thoughts.

is inseparable from
being filled with emotion,
a state of being moved.

releases passion,
a discharge of energy,
enhanced vitality,
increased inner strength,

implies a sense of sharing
Divine power, will, or wisdom,
being filled with the Spirit.

God has been called



cannot be an object
of my imagination;
cannot be captured in a myth,
or comprehended
in a concept
or with a symbol.

God’s Presence
pierces the impregnated walls
of God’s Otherness,
God’s Mystery.

I give up any and all attempts
to comprehend God’s essence,
or God’s innermost Being,
and seek only to Live
in God’s Presence,
experiencing Love,
the manifestation of
what God is.


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