Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Call

A Call

Let’s be a community
of self-conscious people
transcending the boundaries
that divide one human from another.

Let’s together
contemplate the meaning of life
and find that which is
ultimately real.

We can escape the trap
of making judgments
while claiming to possess the truth,
refraining ever more
from hiding evil
under the guise of Sacred Tradition.

Let’s strive
to practice Oneness
so that an engagement
with the Eternal
can be probed.

we can shed those aspects of the past
that are divisive, condemning, and authoritarian,
abandoning creeds
in favor of an Inclusiveness
seeking to become
a Universal Community.

We can honor
scripture, creed, theology, and liturgy
none of them.

Let’s dialogue
with people of all religions
without considering any of them
lacking or deficient.

Let’s envision our journey together
as a journey into
the Mystery of God,
as a new humanity.

The trip together
may be scary,
but it can be noble,
and freeing.

Let’s . . .

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